Student Resources

Wi-Fi Zones

There are several added Wi-Fi Zones on campus for you to access without needing to access a campus building. These locations could help you with viewing assignments or other course requirements with your laptop while you are in your car. The Wi-Fi Zones are not intended for any remote testing. 

Library Testing Rooms

If you have experienced difficulties due to bandwidth at home and live near campus, you may reserve one of the three individual testing rooms at the library for that purpose. The rooms may be reserved at  These rooms must be reserved online; walk in traffic will not be allowed. We are working to maintain social distancing and safety for all. You will need to use the computer provided in that room and not your laptop. The hours available for these rooms are Monday – Friday at these block times: 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.; 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.; 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. These times are blocked so that the rooms can be properly cleaned between users. If you have questions, call the library at 572-2677. If you have testing difficulties not related to connectivity issues, please contact your instructor.

Omnilert – College’s Emergency Communication Test/Email System

Go to and create your account. Be sure to sign up to receive minute-of campus alerts and emergency communications.

Quick Access to College services

Below is a quick glance of resources and contact info:

Academic Success & Wellness

As you are hard at work completing your courses online, the Center for Academic Excellence team, along with Mellody Selph, Caryn Schmitz and Karen Smith, created an area for resources on Moodle entitled "Academic Success and Wellness". The resources included are to best equip you with the tools that you need to be successful during the transition to online learning. 

The following topics are addressed:

  • ​​Online Learning: misconceptions, best practices, and information management techniques
  • ​​Netiquette: the do’s and don’ts of virtual conferencing, discussion board posts, etc.
  • ​Library Resources: retrieving online journal articles, e-books, and streaming video collections online
  • ​Research and Writing Resources: learning how to take advantage of citation management tools, information literacy modules, and online tutoring services
  • ​Academic Success Coaching: implementing short and long-term goals, time management skills, and communicating expectations and boundaries to your loved ones
  • ​Personal Counseling Services: practicing anxiety and stress management, mindfulness techniques, and self-care​
  • And more! We will continue to add information to this section. Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions.

Your success is extremely important to us all. We are here to assist you. In order to access these resources, please visit and log into Moodle. After doing so, you will be able to self-enroll, and no enrollment key is necessary in order to view the Moodle resource.

Service & Worship Opportunities

With our summer courses being facilitated online, we have adjusted our service and worship opportunities to be online. All students will be automatically enrolled in a Moodle class named “Service and Worship Online”. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the trimester to reflect, attend virtually, and earn Service and Worship points required for graduation.

By the time of graduation, all baccalaureate program students, except completion program and associate degree students, will be required to participate in events selected by the student whose total points equal 100. Completion program students will be required to participate in events selected by the student whose total points equal 30. Associate degree students will be required to participate in events selected by the student whose total points equal 50.

  • A total of 6 different chapels will be available during the summer trimester.
    • Each chapel will be worth 10 points; a total of 60 possible points for the trimester.
    • Each chapel will have some type of message with either a reflection question, quiz or both.
  • All reflection questions and/or quizzes must be completed to receive the 10 points.
  • Grades from the questions or quizzes will be added to the grade book.
  • Only one chapel event will be open at a time. The event will be open for two weeks and can be accessed at any time.
  • At the end of the two-week period the chapel will be closed and for those who participated in the chapel an email will be sent to the Registrar’s Office requesting 10 points to be added to their student account.
  • After each two-week period the chapel will be closed and another event will open.
  • The following is the chapel release schedule:
    • May 4 – May 17
    • May 18 – May 31
    • June 1 – June 14
    • June 15 – June 28
    • June 29 – July 12
    • July 13 – July 26

Student Activities

Just because we are online, doesn't mean we won't be having activities this summer.  See list of items at the end of this document with activities ranging from workouts, virtual craft nights, and faculty fishbowls. Sarah Biggs will send sign-ups for these events and then an invitation to the video conferencing link!

Follow @baptiststudentactivities on Instagram to stay connected and to see our weekly Staff Spotlight videos and Student Story takeovers called “Quarantine Chronicles."

Many activities will be posted on the Student Activities Moodle shell if you can't catch them live. Announcements, new activities, and updates will be posted on Moodle as well. Here's the link:  If you have any questions, please email

Counseling/Mental Health

The Blue Healers Wellness Lounge is a community dedicated to creating an environment that includes tips for surviving and thriving during this difficult time.  Tips will include how to manage your stress and anxiety, maintaining your mental health, strategies for working from home, gratitude and managing your mental and emotional wellness.  There are also forums for discussion and interacting with others. 

For information on community resources, counseling services, Let’s Zoom Consult sessions, free work outs, meditations, yoga and much more, please enroll in the Counseling Services Moodle page.  It is updated frequently.

If you would like to learn more about counseling services and/or schedule a consultation session using video conferencing, please email with your availability and phone number. 

Zoom Backdrops/Branding Resources

We've created a webpage to host branded virtual meeting backdrops for all your online web meetings that will make you look and feel like you're still at your favorite places on campus. Please visit to download the backdrops and for instructions on how to use them. We hope you enjoy them!

Online Learning Resource Center on MyCampus

We have created a quick links resource page on MyCampus to help you adjust to online learning. We understand there has been a lot of communication coming to you and here is a recap of things all in one location. Resources include a collection of links to outside webpages and internal webpages that provide quick access to free internet sources, bandwidth testing, academic success coaching, counseling services, research and writing sources, and much more. Additional resources are being developed and will be added often.

God's Blessings

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever admirable –if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things.

Philippians 4:8