Professionalism Committee

The Professionalism Committee consists of student and faculty representatives, dedicated to creating and supporting a solid foundation of professional conduct, starting with OMS I Orientation. Dealing with conflict and diversity effectively and maturely is one of the key skills a physician must learn. The Professionalism Committee is seen as a steppingstone and resource along that path. Committee Membership will include a minimum of five (5) individuals: at least two (2) faculty members, at least one (1) member of BUCOM administration (assistant dean or above), at least one (1) student services professional, and at least one (1) student. 



The Professionalism Committee of the Baptist Health Science University College of Osteopathic Medicine (BUCOM) is charged with recommending policies, procedures, and curriculum to ensure an appropriate professional environment in our school. This broad charge includes the following, more detailed tasks:

  1.  Review definitions and standards regarding professionalism in medical school environments.
  2. Develop methods for data collection and analysis to determine the extent to which the academic, clinical, and research environments on the BUCOM campus either enhance or undermine commonly accepted standards of professionalism.
  3. Develop short and long-term goals for enhancing professionalism on the BUCOM campus.
  4. Assist and advise the Dean and his office regarding both individual and systemic problems in maintaining professionalism.

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