Non-Discrimination for Faith-Based Institutions

GEN.2095 Non-Discrimination Policy

COMBOD.1001 Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Admissions Policy

GEN.2026 Employment Process

GEN.2028 Equal Employment Opportunity

Degree Granting Body

BOD.1020 Awarding the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree

Accreditation Standard Complaint Policies and Procedures

COMBOD.1019 BUCOM:  Accreditation Complaint Policy and Procedure for Commission of Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA)

COMBOD.1002 BUCOM Mission and Strategic Plan Review and Revision

Security and Public Safety

GEN.2008 Campus Safety/Security and Reporting 

GEN.2013 College & University Security/Crime Information 

GEN.2093 COVID-19 Safety Protocol and Vaccination Requirement Policy 

GEN.2020 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

GEN.2101 Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures

Link to BHSU Safety & Security Webpage

Link to BUCOM Campus Safety Webpage


COMBOD.1021 BUCOM Standards of Professionalism and Conduct

COMBOD.1000 Professional Ethics for Physicians

STU.5015 Standards of Student Conduct

Safety, Health, and Wellness

COMBOD.1022 BUCOM Mental Health, Wellness and Fatigue Mitigation Procedure

STU.5003  Blood and Body Fluid/Needle Stick Exposure

STU.5000  Airborne Pathogen Exposure

Patient Care Supervision

COMBOD.1017  BUCOM Clinical Supervision of Students

Maximum Length of Completion

COMBOD.1008  Maximum time for Completion of the Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine Curriculum



Faculty Appointment and Advancement

Faculty Appointment and Advancement A-H book

a. COMBOD.1010  Terms of Appointment

    BOD.1022  BUCOM Faculty Initial Appointment and Promotion in Rank 

b. COMBOD.1014  Faculty Responsibilities

c. COMBOD.1011  Lines of Communication

d. COMBOD.1013  Privileges and Benefits

e. COMBOD.1012  Performance Evaluation and Remediation

f.  GEN.2083  Termination

    GEN.2055 Performance & Conduct Expectations for Employees

g. BOD.1012 Due Process/Promotion in Rank Appeal

   GEN.2059 Due Process/Problem Solving Procedure

h. COMBOD.1014 Policy on Practice Earnings

Research and Scholarly Activity

Research and Scholarly Activity Strategic Plan

COMBOD.1003  Student Participation in Research and Scholarly Activity


COMBOD.1001  Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Admission Policy

Technical Standards Required of Matriculates

Academic Standards

BOD.1020 Awarding the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree

FIN.3010 Payment of Tuition and Fees

FIN.3012 Refund Policies

COMBOD.1024 BUCOM:  Filing of Grievances and Appeals

ACA.6034 Commencement Requirements

COMBOD.1026 BUCOM Student Promotion

STU.5019 Student Responsibilities

COMBOD.1023 BUCOM Academic Standards: Retention

STU.5020 Student Rights

COMBOD.1025 BUCOM Student Grading

COMBOD.1020 BUCOM Attendance Expectations

Fin.3008 Installment Payment Plan

Transfer Policies

COMBOD.1031 Transfer Student Policy – Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Mental Health Services

COMBOD.1029 BUCOM Mental Health Services Policy

List of Mental Health Services Available and Hours of Operation

Physical Health Services

STU.5027 Health Services Policy

Health Service Locations List

Non-Academic Health Professionals

COMBOD.1028  Conflict of Interest in Student Assessment and Supervision Policy

Health Insurance

COMBOD.1027 Student Health Insurance Policy




God's Blessings

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