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General Education at BHSU

Undergraduate students at Baptist Health Sciences University begins with General Education courses, which cultivate the skills, knowledge and values necessary for success in their majors and health care professions. Through their experiences at Baptist University, students are prepared to be collaborative and responsible leaders in health care and across their community. 



Integrated throughout the General Education Curriculum are the following learning outcomes:

  1. Communication and Connections – ​students will demonstrate effective communication and connection skills using written, oral, and visual expression.
  2. Critical and Analytical Reasoning - students will demonstrate an understanding and application of standards for thought that lead to consistently excellent thinking to reveal the truth in situations and enable them to determine how best to live their lives.
  3. Inclusion and Collaboration - students will demonstrate intentional inclusion of multiple perspectives and lived experiences in their response to situations, individually and in teams.
  4. Faith and Values - students will recognize, appreciate, and respect how beliefs and priorities expressed through our shared experience permeate and enrich all facets of life.

Degree Programs

Biomedical Sciences

The BMD program is considered a pre-med program for graduate and professional programs. If you are pursuing a career in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, optometry, biomedical research, physician assistant, and occupational therapy or other health-related fields, the Biomedical Sciences (BMD) program is definitely the major for you.



Health administration is one of the hottest health professions, with job growth exceeding 20% over the next five years. Health administrators  plan, direct, and coordinate the delivery of health care services. Health Administrators serve in all healthcare industries including hospitals, provider practices, local health departments, state and federal health care agencies, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, health insurance organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.



Public Health, formerly Public Health, focuses on protecting and improving the health of families and communities through promotion of healthy lifestyles to attain or maintain wellness, research for disease and injury prevention, and detection and control of infectious diseases.



Pre-Health Studies is an associate degree for students who are uncertain about their career goals in health care. The program will provide students with the opportunity to take general education and preparatory courses for a chosen field in health sciences. Additionally, the program is designed to provide the students with an opportunity to consider career alternatives. \


Greetings future Blue Healers! The General Education and Health Studies Division provides the foundation for your academic journey.  It is the home of all the required core and major specific prerequisite courses along with the Baptist University Experience (BUE) Course, which is required of all undergraduate students.  Together with our outstanding faculty, you will be introduced to a wide range of subjects that form the basis of theoretical and applied knowledge in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, English language, Communication, Social Sciences, and the Humanities. These experiences will prepare you for interprofessional learning and collaboration in your respective major.

The General Education and Health Studies Division is also the home of our non-clinical majors: Biomedical Sciences (pre-Med/pre-Professional), Health Administration, Public Health, and Pre-Health Studies (an Associate degree only).  I encourage you to visit the Program pages for each of these majors to learn more about how students in these majors are becoming leaders in improving health care and outcomes in our community and beyond. 

Michelle A. McDonald, DrPH, MS 

Dean, General Education & Health Studies
BMD students
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