Credit by Exam

Students may earn course credit by successfully completing a comprehensive exam.

One course has currently been identified for this process:


Credit by Examination (CX) Process

1. Credit by Examination (CX) is a Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) option whereby students may earn course credit by successfully completing a comprehensive exam.

2. The passing score for CX is determined by the academic program which offers the course. Successful completion of a CX will result in a Credit Type of “CX” and a Grade of “P” (i.e. “Pass”) on the student’s transcript, but will not be included in the calculation of the student’s grade point average. Students who attempt CX but are unsuccessful must then register for the course to obtain full course credit.

3. Credit by Examination (CX) will not be granted for any course previously completed at any academic institution for which a quality letter grade has been assigned. Only one CX attempt per course is allowed.

4. Students who are interested in obtaining course credit by way of CX must first meet with the specific program Chair or division Dean, who has oversight of the course selected. Students attempting CX will be provided a copy of the applicable course syllabus to assist them in preparing for the exam.

5. CX attempts will be completed at the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Testing Center and proctored by CAE Testing Center personnel. The applicable course faculty will be responsible for grading the examination and approving the credit earned.

6. The fee for each credit by exam (CX) attempt is set at 25% of the current per-credit-hour rate. The CX fee is nonrefundable, however in the event that the CX attempt is unsuccessful, the fee paid will be applied to the course tuition.

7. Students who successfully complete CX will also be required to pay a credit registration transcription fee to reflect the awarding of the course credit by examination (CX). All CPL fees are published on the Baptist University website.

8. CX registration and exam dates will be determined by each academic division.

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