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Scholarship Search Websites*  

Use these free search services to compile your list of scholarships. Many require the student or parent to fill out multi-page user profiles, but the more personalized results are usually well worth the additional effort.

Edna Fant McConnell Scholarship (https://www.cfgm.org/scholarships/) This scholarship supports and encourages single mothers as they pursue careers in their chosen professions. 

Discover Nursing (www.discovernursing.com) Search a scholarship database by category or keyword.

FastWeb (www.fastweb.com) Prepare comprehensive customized searches of more than 500,000 awards.

GoCollege (www.gocollege.com) Prepare extensive searches. The GoCollege scholarship database was recently featured on ABC News's 20/20 program for its reliability and comprehensiveness.

Scholarships.com (www.scholarship.com) A free college scholarship search and financial aid information resource, connecting students and parents with college funding opportunities. Create a personal profile and their free scholarship search will match you to their database of college scholarships.

Scholarship Search (www.collegeboard.com) Perform a customized scholarship search (for undergrad funding only).

The National Student Nurses' Association (http://www.nsna.org) Offers a scholarship program.

The Peterson's Guide to Nursing Programs (https://www.petersons.com/scholarship-search.aspx ) Information on specific schools and maintains a link to financial aid help.

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis (https://www.cfgm.org/scholarships/) Administers a variety of scholarship funds for Memphis-area residents and others attending post-secondary, technical, and vocational institutions of higher learning.

A Step Ahead Scholarship (https://www.astepaheadfoundation.org/scholarship/) To provide financial assistance to eligible Shelby County female residents so that they may pursue and achieve a post-secondary degree in areas including, but not limited to, nursing, public health, education, and social services.

Summit Shah Scholarship (http://www.summitshahscholarship.com/) For high school students graduating this year to ensure that students from all parts of the economic spectrum can reach their academic goals . 

College Board Scholarship Opportunities (https://opportunity.collegeboard.org/?navId=groups-cbos

*The sites listed on this page are provided by Baptist Health Sciences University as courtesy. Baptist Health Sciences University is neither endorsing nor affiliating with any of the sites listed. Baptist Health Sciences University makes no guarantees as to content contained in any of the sites listed

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