The Public Health Minor offers students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and ability to perform the public health functions and responsibilities in health and healthcare settings. The minor is open to all Baptist students except Public Health majors.


  • Completion of the minor requires a minimum of 15 credit hours from the specified list of courses
  • Courses may be taken concurrently with the degree requirements, assuming there is no scheduling conflict
  • All minor courses must be completed prior to graduation
  • The Public Health Minor cannot be awarded without the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree from Baptist Health Sciences University


Minor Curriculum

Required courses (9 credits):

POH 301 Public Health Foundation (3 credits)

HSC 320 Research for Health Professionals (3 credits)

POH 442 Principles of Public Health and Epidemiology (3 credits)


Choice of 2 elective courses (a combined minimum of 6 credit hours):

ANY POH course except POH 450

HSC 300, HSC 305, HSC 306, HSC 310, HSC 315, HSC 350, HSC 410, HSC 461

HCM 440

PHI 301

REL 302

SOC 310


For Nursing Majors, the following NSG program courses can be applied to the elective course requirements: NSG 345, NSG 360, NSG 452,

For Respiratory Care Majors, the following RCP program courses can be applied to the elective course requirements: RCP 435

God's Blessings

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Ephesians 4:2