Education and Prevention Programs

BHSU makes a concerted effort to ensure that our community can identify potential acts of sexual and related misconduct and knows who to contact and consult with if they learn about or experience sexual or related misconduct. Our aim is to make sure campus remains a safe and respectful academic and workplace environment focused on learning.

  • On Campus Training may be provided by:
    • University Administration
    • Baptist University Security Department
    • Student Services/Counselor
  • Education and Awareness Trainings include:
    • Virtual: Understanding Abstinence and Consent
    • Virtual: Relationships and Boundaries
    • In person:  Understanding Toxic Relationships
    • Virtual: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
    • LMS - Bystander Intervention for Students
    • LMS - Sexual Violence Awareness
  • Required Trainings for students and faculty
    • New Student Orientation
    • Annual Mandatories
  • Other Tools and Resources
    • Know Your Title IX Rights
    • Complainant and Respondent Guidance documents
    • Safety and Security brochure

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