How to Report

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual misconduct, whether perpetrated by a Baptist University employee or student or by a third party, you may report it to the university’s Title IX Coordinator, officers in Campus Security, staff in Residence Life, staff in the University’s Dean of Students office, and/or Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation (BMHCC) Human Resources. The University has designated these employees for reporting violations of the sexual harassment policy. Accordingly, the university encourages making reports to these employees.

Immediate Contact Information for Resources

  • Campus Security is located at Campus Hub Information Center
  • University Non-Emergency: (901) 572-2468
  • University Emergency: (901) 572-2911

Adonna Caldwell
Vice President of Administrative Services and Title IX Coordinator
Room 920 Collaboration Campus Building

James Knox
Director, Safety and Organizational Compliance, and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Room 143 Nursing Building

Report an Incident

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