Minor in Health Administration

A Health Administration minor is offered as an elective to all students enrolled at Baptist University, with the exception of those students who have declared a major in Health Administration.  This minor consists of five health administration courses totaling 15 credit hours (9 hours required; 6 hours elective).  These courses may be taken concurrently with degree requirements and must be completed prior to graduating.

In order to earn this minor from Baptist University, at least 8 credit hours must be completed at Baptist University.  All courses completed in the Health Administration minor will be placed on the official transcript as courses completed at Baptist University, but a minor will not be awarded without the completion of a bachelor’s degree from Baptist University.

Required Courses - 9 Credit Hours

HCM 305 Principles of Health Care Management and Leadership   3
HCM 330 Human Resource Management   3
HCM 425 Health Administration Information Systems   3

Elective Courses - 6 Credit Hours

HCM 325 Health Care Marketing 3
HCM 345 Organizational Communication and Media Relations for Health Administration 3
HCM 350 Organizational Behavior and Development 3
HCM 355 Information Systems Project Management 3
HCM 359 Health Care Data Analysis 3
HCM 360 Quality Improvement in Health Care 3
HCM 365 The Ethics of Health Informatics 3
HCM 369 Health Informatics and Information Management 3
HCM 370 Health Care Finance 3
HCM 400 Health Care Information Systems and Health Policy 3
HCM 405 Health Care Data Mining 3
HCM 440 Legal Environment of Health Care 3
HCM 442 Managerial Epidemiology, Population Health, and Health Policy 3
HCM 445 Quantitative Methods for Health Care Management 3
HCM 450 Strategic Management 3
HCM 475 Operations Management in Health Care 3




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