Minor in Health Administration

Healthcare is the fastest growing and the one of the most regulated sectors in the US economy. The minor in Health Administration develops student knowledge and ability to perform the administrative functions and responsibilities in healthcare. The minor requires 15 credits (5 courses).

During their minor courses, students are introduced to the principles of health administration, human resources, and information systems. Students have the option to select two other areas that they can explore through electives.

Minor courses can be taken in addition to the student’ major and/or can be used to fulfill general electives in a student’s existing major program of study.  

A minor in Health Administration requires the completion of the following five courses (15 credit hours) of study:

Health Administration Minor Program

Course # 

Course Title 

Required Courses – 9 Credit Hours 

HCM 305 

Principles of Health Administration (offered Fall and Spring)

HCM 330 

Human Resource Management (Offered Fall and Spring)

HCM 425 

Health Administration Information Systems (Offered Spring and Summer)

Elective Courses – 6 Credit Hours  from the following:

POH 410

Program Planning and Evaluation

HSC 300

Multicultural Perspectives in Health and Healthcare

AHS 390

Aspects of Leadership for Health Science Professionals

NSG 415 / NSG 462

Professional Nursing Role/Quality Care & Patient Safety


Any HCM Prefix Course except HCM 303, 485, 495, 496, and/or 395




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