Minor in Health Care Analytics

Big data and the management of information is a critical and growing need in healthcare. The minor in Health Care Analytics provides students with historical, current and predictive views of business operations using the concepts associated with Business Intelligence (BI). The minor requires 15 credits (5 courses).

During their minor courses, students are introduced to the processes associated with planning, designing, building, populating, and maintaining a successful Data Warehouse (DW). They will also learn to appreciate the value of the data warehouse as an essential decision-support tool needed in all healthcare settings. Students will examine various forms of graphical modeling methods, including business modeling, entity relationship diagramming, dimensional modeling, physical modeling, and Warehouse metadata management.

Minor courses can be taken in addition to the student’ major and/or can be used to fulfill general electives in a student’s existing major program of study.  

A minor in Health Care Analytics requires the completion of the following five courses (15 credit hours) of study:

Health Care Analytics Minor Program (15 Credits)

Course # 

Course Title 

HCM 359

Health Care Data Analysis (offered Fall and Spring)

HCM 360

Quality Improvement in Health Care (Offered Spring and Summer)

HCM 405

Healthcare Data Mining (offered Summer and Fall)

HCM 355

Information Systems Project Management (Offered Spring and Summer)

HCM 425 

Health Administration Information Systems (Offered Spring and Summer)

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