BHSU Raises Awareness About Cancer

Hartley inside the Inflatable Lungs

Cancer Awareness Day was a highly anticipated event held on Tuesday, November 7, at Baptist Health Sciences University. The radiation therapy program organized the event in collaboration with the Baptist Cancer Center to raise awareness about cancer in the Memphis community. The day was filled with informative booths and exhibits from several of our programs and more, each promoting a unique aspect of cancer prevention and treatment. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the latest research developments, the importance of early detection, and the many ways that cancer patients can receive support during their journey.

 “I am thankful that the Annual BHSU Cancer Awareness Day event has grown and continues to get support and participation,” states the clinical coordinator of radiation therapy at BHSU, Lauren Brown. “Our goal is to get cancer prevention screenings and education out to as many members of the community as possible. Cancer is still the second leading cause of death in the U.S. This event would not be possible without the caring hearts and wonderful team that we have here at BHSU."


List of Booths: 

  • Baptist Cancer Center- lung cancer education and screening survivorship, nutrition, screenings, and hematology oncology 
  • West Cancer Foundation- information about their organization and services for local cancer patients 
  • Colleges Against Cancer- fundraising for Baptist Cancer Center patient assistance fund that helps finance needs for local cancer patients in need
  • Respiratory Care Program- bronchoscopy education for lung cancer 
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Program- cancer treatment in the nuclear medicine field 
  • Medical Radiography Program- medical radiography roles in cancer diagnosis and treatment 
  • Medical Laboratory Science Program- cancer screening markers
  • Public Health Program- cancer prevention education
  • Oncology Nurses Association- skin cancer education
  • American Chemical Society- cancer awareness crafts
  • Radiation Therapy Program: created crafts for local cancer patients and departments, educational posters for the highest incidence cancer types, breast cancer education of self exams and symptoms to look out for.

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