Supporting Mental Health at BHSU: An Interview with Caryn Schmitz

Caryn Schmitz, licensed counselor at BHSU

In the month of May, we recognize and prioritize Mental Health Awareness, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being. The Baptist Health Sciences University campus has taken steps to support mental health by providing resources to their Baptist Healers. We interviewed Caryn Schmitz, a licensed counselor at BHSU, to learn more about common mental health concerns, symptoms, coping mechanisms, and the support available at BHSU.

Q: What are some of the common mental health concerns that students experience? 

A: Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, School/Life Balance

Q: Can you explain the potential causes of anxiety, depression, and stress in students? 

A: Sometimes, it can be genetic if there is a family history. Many students tend to take care of everyone around them and neglect themselves. Establishing healthy boundaries and self-care can really play a role in prevention.  

Q: What are some common symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress? 

A: Changes in mood, sleep, and appetite, being more irritable, increase in worrying thoughts, fear, loss of interest in things once enjoyed, isolation, trouble concentrating.

Q: What are some effective coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress? 

A: Practicing mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating habits, getting plenty of sleep, positive self-talk (talking to yourself the way you would talk with a close friend)

Q: Why is it important to seek professional help for mental health concerns? 

A: Mental health is real and is treatable with therapy and sometimes a combination of therapy and medication.  

Q: What counseling services are available for students at BHSU? 

A: I am available by emailing [email protected] or call at 901-572-2660. Students and family members who live in their household can also use CONCERN EAP 901-458-4000. Both are free!

Q: Are counseling services at BHSU confidential? 

A: Yes, licensed counselors are bound by their ethical codes to keep information completely confidential. The exceptions are if someone is seriously thinking about harming themselves or someone else. Also, if someone is disclosing potential child abuse or neglect of a minor, it must be reported.

Q: Are there any additional resources available at BHSU for students dealing with mental health concerns? 

A: We contract with a psychiatric NP that students can see at no cost.


For mental health or medical crisis call 911 or go to your local emergency room immediately. If this is an urgent mental health crisis, please contact CONCERN: SAP 24/7 901-458-4000. 

State Crisis Line: 1-855- 274-7471

Mobile Crisis: 1-800-681-7444

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988

Veteran Crisis Line: 988 (Press 1) or Text: 838255

LGBTQ+Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386

Crisis Text Line: TN to 741741


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