Three Nursing Students Recognized for Award-Winning Clinicals

Daisy in training award

Three Baptist College of Health Sciences students were recognized this term for their quick-thinking and expertise during clinical rotations. Nursing supervisors nominated the students for the DAISY in Training Award ™ which is designed to remind students, even on the hardest days in nursing school, why they want to be a nurse. 

Markela Albright was nominated for her excellent skills on her first day of clinicals. Her nominator wrote that she demonstrated the “intellectual, social, and spiritual values needed to succeed in the health care profession” which are outlined in the Baptist University’s mission statement. From the first day of clinicals, she developed nurse- patient connections by being knowledgeable of disease processes, medication mechanism of action and symptoms to monitor.

Jenna Myers was nominated for her attention to detail and her determination to help a patient. While the patient was in the hospital for another illness, Jenna noticed that she may have an infection in her legs. After some reassuring discussions, the patient allowed Jenna to examine her legs, which were infected. If not for her Jenna’s resolve, the diagnosis may have been missed. The patient’s family member notified the nursing staff of her gratitude for Jenna’s assessment.

Codi Parks was nominated for being a true advocate for a patient. During the patient’s assessment, Codi was able to recognize that the patient had been physically abused. Codi quickly notified a supervisor. Because of her attention to detail, during the assessment the patient did not return to the abusive environment. Codi was also nominated for her work outside of a clinical setting, where she works a part time job. She saw that a person needed care, so she used her Basic Life Support skills she learned as a nursing student to help the patient until emergency care could arrive.

“Baptist College of Health Sciences is proud to be a DAISY In Training award partner, recognizing three of our student nurses with this special honor this term,” said Dr. Betty Sue McGarvey, President of the Baptist College. “Markela, Jenna and Codi are three shining examples of our incredible nursing students, demonstrating respect to patients while still remaining professional and medically diligent. I am delighted that they were recognized,” she added.

By recognizing nursing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion shown to patients and their families, Baptist College celebrates what it truly means to be a nurse.

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