Bachelor's Degree Quick Entry

Undergraduate Curriculum Information –Advanced Progression

Advanced Progression provides students who have been selected into the Respiratory Care program a pathway to begin taking professional-level courses earlier than usual. Students begin taking professional-level courses in their sophomore year instead of their junior year.  After completing program-level courses, students complete the remainder of the general education and health studies courses needed to earn the Bachelors of Health Science degree with a major in Respiratory Care.

Freshman Year

  • Begin general educational course requirements.

Sophomore Year

  • Continue to enroll in general education courses.
  • Begin enrollment into respiratory care courses in second term.

Junior and Senior Year

  • Continued enrollment in respiratory care courses.
  • Complete general education courses in senior year along with respiratory care courses.


Students are encouraged to follow a sample curriculum plan to ensure progressive learning throughout the degree. Specific courses are required to be completed in sequential order to enhance the student’s learning and success within the program. A complete listing of the courses and course descriptions required for the degree are listed in the catalog.

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