Applying to the Program

Applying to the Respiratory Care Program

  1.  Apply to the College
  2.  Submit all required documentation for College acceptance
  3.  After acceptance to the College
    • Complete and/or transfer 24 credit hours of pre-program course work with a C or better, as specified by the respiratory care program curriculum plan.
    • Applicants should earn a B or better in all pre-program courses, to be competitive.
    • Earn a minimum cumulative 2.7 GPA (4.0 scale) on all courses identified in the respiratory care program curriculum plan.
    • To be competitive in the selection process, applicants should maintain a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or above.
  4.  Submit the Intent to Apply Respiratory Care Program Form
  5.  Complete the selection process to the Respiratory Care Program

Selection Process

All completed applications and supportive documentation must be received or postmarked by the published deadlines to be considered for selection to begin the RC professional course work in the spring trimester of the following year. The deadlines for early selection of a limited number of class seats are October 1st and March 1st.

  1. Complete Applying to the Program steps 1-3.
  2. Confirm that all final official transcripts from other colleges you have attended have been submitted to Baptist University; evaluated by the Baptist University Registrar’s Office, and all courses posted to your Baptist University transcript.
  3. Visit the Financial Aid Office to confirm your eligibility for financial aid for the duration of the terms it requires to complete the program.
  4. Review the Respiratory Care Program Technical Standards.
  5. Submit the Intent to Apply Respiratory Care Program Form and receipt verification of Technical Standards.
    • A selection committee for the respiratory care (RC) program will review all completed applications in October and March each year.
  6. Complete a written essay and personal interview with the selection committee.
    •  It should be noted that not all applicants who meet minimum selection criteria will be invited for a personal interview.
    • Applicants with a strong academic background and currently enrolled in Baptist University or completing pre-program courses at institutions with collaborative or articulation agreements will be considered first for interviews.
  7. Receive notification of selection status.


Student selection is based on the following:

  • Academic potential for success from the academic record.
  • Academic strength in previous college course work, with specific attention given to performance in the pre-program courses.
  • Past failures affecting cumulative college GPA and pre-program courses may impact selection into the program. Each file will be considered individually.
  • Preference may be given to qualified applicants completing courses at Baptist University.
  • Students will be evaluated on personal strengths and knowledge of respiratory care.

God's Blessings

For the Lords gives wisdom; from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding

Proverbs 2:6