Research Minor

Clinical or Bench Research Pathways

Have you ever thought about a career in research? Would like to get a "hands on" experience to better under-stand concepts in class? Then the new Research minor may be for you.

Whether you are interested in better understanding the basic and/or clinical sciences, pursue a career in research, or bolster your credentials on an application for a professional clinical program, research is one of the most beneficial displays of scholarship one participate in at the undergraduate level.

Benefits of a Research Minor

  • Baptist University of Health Science faculty with extensive research expertise in both clinical and laboratory settings.
  • Conduct research at Baptist Health Sciences University clinical and laboratory facilities.
  • Learn and train in a small research setting to get individualized mentoring from professors.


Established in partnership with the Baptist Cancer Research Institute (BCRI) with the purpose of getting students either practical clinical or bench research experience to supplement their course studies, the research minor is open to all students, regardless of major.

In addition, the following coursework is required:

Two trimesters, (6) hours, of: HSC 305 Practicum - Clinical Research (3), or HSC 306 Practicum - Bench Research (3)   Select nine credit hours from the courses listed below: BIO 460 Cancer Biology (3) CHE 330 Molecular Pharmacology (3) HCM 355 Information System Project Management (3) HCM 359 Health Care Data Analysis (3) HCM 360 Quality Improvement in Health Care (3) HCM 405 Health Care Data Mining (3) HCM 425 Health Administration Information Systems (3) HSC 350 Perspectives in Epidemiology (3) HSC 460 Undergraduate Research (1) HSC 461 Bio-technique Seminar (2) MAT 211 Statistics (3) MAT 310 Biostatistics (3) POH 375 Global Infectious Diseases (3)     Total Minor Credit Hours = 15 credit hours   For more information, please contact Lilian Ogari, PhD,, or by phone (901) 572-2557.  

God's Blessings

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Jeremiah 29:11